Lindsay Perryman (b.1997)  is an artist who unravels the intricate interplay of identity and representation, exploring the nuances of African American queer experiences. Through their use of photography, they combine their work with vibrant intention, aiming to evoke emotions that transcend identity, place, and time. Their work focuses on the complex nature of what it means to be oneself.

In 2021, Perryman self-published The Colors We Don't See at The End of The Rainbow, a limited edition zine of African American studs of the LGBTQ+ community. In 2023, while pursuing an MFA in Photography at The New School, they presented Uptown Wit It in the FOH exhibition. Perryman's work has entered into The Leslie Lohman Museum of Art's permanent collection. In 2024, Perryman was selected as a finalist for Palm Photo Prize exhibition in Amsterdam. 

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